Creating user experiences that engage, inspire and inform

Does your audiences skim your website, or savor it?

To survive in the digital age, companies must go beyond design and learn know how to package information to become engaging, informative, entertaining and easy to read.

We help businesses tell better stories to a wider audience. We’ve worked on over 400 website redesign projects, including the Wall Street Journal, J.P. Morgan Chase and Volvo. Let us help you:

• Differentiate your brand

• Publish seamlessly across all platforms

• Improve navigation and create better usability

• Get higher traffic, more user interaction

• Become more relevant to your audience




“I am delighted with the advanced website design Garcia Interactive has created for us. They worked closely with our editorial and technical teams, were sensitive to our ideas and specific editorial and technical requirements. They have given us a classical – pure, elegant, and uncluttered – yet contemporary, design.”

N. Ram Murali, Managing Director

“Our project had to be undertaken on a very limited schedule. Garcia Interactive’s experience and good understanding of our needs were essential in getting the job done on time and on budget. The outcome was immediate great user feedback and a boom in advertising. Garcia Interactive pushed the project beyond expectations.”

Sven Scheffler, Editor-in-Chief

“Staying current on trends, design and functionality is crucial for us to stay competitive . Our business model is always evolving. And our audience demands are always changing. Both require us to constantly be looking ahead. Garcia Interactive helps us see out to the horizon and anticipate what’s beyond.

Jeff Carney, Director Digital Development
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Garcia Interactive helps make your digital products work harder. We help companies and organizations reach new customers, improve their audience engagement and become more relevant in the digital space.

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So much of what we base our decisions on is based on emotions. Not just personally, but for business as well. We’re still human when we’re at the office. In any creative project I start with finding the emotional connection […]

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